Accounting & Inventory

GPAC Accounting & Inventory Software helps to reduce redundancy and mismanagement from all departments of a company. The software modules which help to easily manage all aspects of a company. The software fully automates the process of Accounts, Inventory, POS, Distribution for trading, manufacturing and service provider company. It has been designed in a way so that any user even with little knowledge of computer may use it easily and efficiently.

Accounts Transaction entry: Chart of accounts, Ledger create, Receipt voucher, Payment Voucher, Journal Voucher, Contra Entry, Bank Reconciliation

Report : Voucher Print, Day book, Cash book, Bank Book, General Ledger, Sub Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Cash flow, Receipt and payment, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Accounts/Income Expenditure, Balance Sheet,

Purchase: Supplier list, Item list, Purchase order, Purchase Invoice, Payment Voucher, Purchase Register, Item wise purchase, purchase analysis, costing, Bill Payable.

Sales : Customer list, Item list, Sales order, Sales Invoice, Sales challan, cash sales, credit sales, Receipt Voucher, Sales Register, Item wise Sales, Sales analysis, Bill Receivable.

Inventory : Item group, Item list, Stock summary( Group & Item wise), Item ledger, Item wise transaction, sale Voucher report, Stock movement( Slow Moving or Fast moving or Zero Sales) , Stock minimum, Out of Stock, Item wise Profit/Loss

Point of Sale (POS) : Accounts, Inventory, Sale, and Purchase module are fully integrated, Barcode based POS for fast billing, Customer bill ( mushok 11ko), VAT statement(NBR format), Sale & Purchase Register( NBR format), Easy user interface, Real-time view of inventory, Itemize sales person commission to increase efficiency of sales staff, Chain & Franchisee Management, Warehouse management, Outlet to ware house real-time data up transaction, Secure MS SQL server database, On-line facilities, Multiple outlet creation option.

Payroll : Employee Information with details, Reference, Qualification, Job Experience, Nominee, Salary structure, Salary Pay slip,Auto Salary Sheet create, Leave, Attendance etc.

Manufacturing: Consumption, Finish goods, Manufacturing process, Batch wise issue, Batch wise finish goods, work in progress, processing cost etc.

Main Advantage of the Software : MS SQL Server Secure Database, Menu driven Database Backup, Restore facility, Facility to set up individual login for user/Data Entry operator and their privilege (Add, Edit, Delete), Facility to Export Reports in HTML, Word, and XLS format, Facility to prepare daily report, SMS Service, Data Integration from Branch office to Head office.

Details package description of GPAC Accounting & Inventory Software

SL Description Primary General Advanced Premium
A. Module Accounting Accounting & Inventory Accounting & Inventory, POS Accounting & Inventory, POS, Payroll
B. Project Create No Yes Yes Yes
C. User Create/Privilege No Yes Yes Yes
D. Database Backup Yes Yes Yes Yes
E. Database Restore Yes Yes Yes Yes
F. Network Support No No Yes ( 1 server & 4 user’s) Yes ( 1 server & 9 user’s)
G. On line Based No No Yes Yes
H. POS (Point of Sale) No No Yes Yes
I. Free Service time 2 month 3 month 4 month 6 month

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